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    Featuring the paintings of Patrick Smith

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  • Featuring the paintings of Steve Williams

Introducing our new artist, Steve Williams

Steve is Nunnington Galleries' latest addition to our stable of outstanding artists.

Steve conveys great emotion through his expressive, exuberantly colourful canvases. Inspired by the North Yorkshire landscape, he is fascinated by the way light, weather and humankind impacts upon what he describes as ‘a patchwork quilt of fields.’ 

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Introducing artist Louise Dwyer

Louise is an accomplished jeweller who works with a variety of metals and jewels making beautiful, creative work with a strong attention to detail and a high quality of finish. 

Louise designs her own distinctively elegant contemporary pieces and offers a bespoke service re-making, re-freshing and re-determining pieces of jewellery – often inherited or gifted and possessing sentimental value, taking the original, learning its story and creating a new and wearable design. 

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What people say about Nunnington Galleries

Wonderful exhibition, wonderful gallery. Kevin is one of the most hospitable, friendliest gallery owners we’ve ever met, really worth the visit!

Stephen Bottrill

Bespoke Jewellery, re-making, re-freshing, re-determining with Louise Dwyer

If you wish to commission a piece of jewellery or re-fresh an important or significant piece of jewellery into a contemporary design, please get in touch to discuss your ideas. 

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Nunnington Galleries 2020 Collection

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The 2020 Nunnington Galleries Workshop Series

Featuring Nunnington Gallery artists, get inspired with a 2 Day Workshop run by one of our professional artists on a mini break at the glorious Rathwiate Estate.

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