The Little White House

Justine Warner

The Beautiful Yorkshire Landscape

The Little White House. Within a mile of where I live I drive past my favourite fields of pylons with the contrast of nature and manmade. Quietly nestled is an unassuming but eye-catching white farm often reflecting in the sun against moody skies. I have taken photographs and studies of the same view in different seasons. This one particularly caught my eye as it was framed by the roadside poppies..

This work is made from men's ties and recycled fabrics to give a rich texture and depth of colour. 


PRICE: £670, framed, with free delivery to UK mainland

SIZE: Picture Size: 30cm X 30cm, Frame Size 52cm X 52cm Solid Oak

MEDIUM: Textiles / Mens ties

TYPE: Original


CREATED: December 2019


Collection and Delivery

If buying in person collection can take place from where the artwork is being shown, either at Nunnington Galleries at the Barn, Nunnington, or Raithwaite Estate or the Worsley Arms. If you are purchasing through this website, once you have completed payment and secured the work, the gallery will get in touch with you to then organise delivery of your purchase to your desired address. Delivery is generally organised through recognised, trusted courier companies like UPS and the Royal Mail Parcels service.

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